Andrew Long

Owner and Designer


Andrew started his journey working with nature as a young boy scout who was curious about everything living, from insects to the oak trees of his native Kansas landscape. After learning about permaculture ideas, Andrew traveled to Haiti where he learned first hand about the need for sustainable practices. This spirit for a better world has shaped his enthusiasm for sustainable design. In 2008 Andrew graduated with a Permaculture design certificate through the Blue Raven Farm on Salt Spring Island where Doug Bullock, Sam Bullock, Brandon Bauer and Michael Ableman taught the diverse disciplines of ecological design. He then went through the Sustainable Agriculture Education Program (SAgE) at Seattle Central Community College with emphasis in Agroforestry. Andrew has spent the last 8 years building large scale gardens, rain gardens, aquaponics systems, mushroom propagation and water catchment systems. When he is not building gardens he is usually practicing taiji, rock climbing or playing guitar.